Windows 10X leaked! see how the system looks


The launch of the Windows 10X operating system has been significantly changed and new information about the platform is still scarce. Now, the Windows Central website has gained access to a leaked build of the version for PCs and devices with a single screen – and showed the look and new functions in a video of more than 8 minutes.

Windows 10X was originally Microsoft’s project for devices with two screens, such as the Surface Neo. However, changes to the brand’s release schedule and effects of the covid-19 pandemic have made Microsoft modify the plans. Now, the novelty will debut before on single screen devices, as a kind of adaptation of traditional Windows 10 functions made from partial updates.

Check out the video:

From the clip’s impressions, the system looks very light and minimalist, with few icons and a look that includes dark display modes. The Taskbar is transformed into the main location for accessing applications and files, with the Start Menu very different and simplified.

The Verge website team also had access to the system and claims that this is a version very close to the finished version, which will be sent to consumers.


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