Windows 10X: Leak reveals support for Win32 programs


While working to redesign the traditional Windows 10 interface, Microsoft remains firm with the development of Windows 10X. The new system was announced in 2019 alongside Surface Neo as a special version of Windows dedicated to folding devices.

The idea ended up going away with time, and now Windows 10X is seen as a new competitor for iPadOS and Chrome OS, being focused on more basic notebooks. Still without an official release date, the system may arrive very soon without support for the traditional Win32 apps, being restricted to UWP programs from the Windows Store, and receiving double screen support only in 2022, as rumors point out.

However, a new leak, obtained from the WindowsPhoneInfo website, shows that it may be possible to enable support for Win32 programs in the developer settings. At the moment, the function does not seem to work properly, but the limitation may be related to the fact that the tested version of the system is part of a leak, which also recently revealed the entire design of Windows 10X.

The novelty is not entirely surprising, considering that the compatibility was expected to arrive in the future, but the presence of the configuration for development may indicate that more advanced users may try to run traditional Windows programs, even with a possible performance penalty.

Windows 10X can reach the market as a very promising option, and should offer anti-theft feature, to detect the device in case of theft, and Modern Standby, which keeps the computer in a low power state to perform background tasks and start the device faster.


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