Windows 10X: final version of Microsoft’s system leaks


Windows 10X promises to be a major visual makeover in Microsoft’s system. The forecast is that it will be released in 2021, but today Windows Central published a video of a leaked version that, according to them, is the final one. The version features several new features that have not yet been shown. Check them all out now.

In May 2020 we already saw Panos Panay claim that Windows 10X will be compatible with single screen devices, making room for devices with a focus on productivity and education. And now you have an opportunity to see what it will look like.

Starting with the main interface, we have the taskbar with no search bar, with only a few icons attached that are now in the center of it.

Soon after we see the new File Explorer or Windows Explorer, which for now only shows some main folders with integration with OneDrive.

The notification area received a major change compared to Windows 10, with a reduced and more polished look, showing controls in a more harmonious and relevant way.

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