Windows 10X: delay launch for 2nd period


Apparently, Windows 10X, Microsoft’s new corporate and educational operating system, is, again, a little more distant from the public. An internal company source reportedly told Zac Bowden of Windows Central that the company decided to postpone the launch and move it to the second half of 2021.

Bowden suspects that the action aims to ensure that the product is ready and robust for trouble-free distribution.

With delivery scheduled, initially, for the first half of the year, it is worth remembering that even the initial expectations were nothing more than rumors, since, from the announcement of software redirection to experiences of single screens, leaving aside efforts for two displays nothing official came to the public.

Anyway, leaked versions have already spread over the internet, and the giant must, for now, dedicate itself to fixing bugs and other flaws before making it available. Also according to the source, until December 2020, a period in which the evolution of the processes was expected, there was nothing that could be effectively delivered.

Plenty of time

Due to the pandemic, there have already been some casualties in Microsoft’s plans. For example, Surface Neo, a flagship that would carry Windows 10X natively, will no longer hit the shelves.

Panos Panay, one of the company’s bosses, is still optimistic and argues that this will be a great year for the company, which currently divides attention between new products and improvements in Windows 10, with the Sun Valley update, which promises great changes.

Finally, in Windows 10X, the public must find the redesigned start menu, taskbar and action center. As for the lack of support for traditional Win32 applications, well, that can change with the time that those responsible for the novelty, certainly, are guaranteeing with the postponements.

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Implementation of virtual machines, in this case, is one of the solutions considered, highlights the source.


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