Windows 10’s Windows Central Application Updated


A new update has been released for Windows 10’s Windows Central application. With the updated update, login problems in Windows Central have been eliminated.

Windows 10 users have been complaining about login issues in the Windows Central application for some time. It has released an update to Windows Central’s Windows 10 app to fix all known issues, especially login issues. The update offers some improvements as well as fixing issues.

The first noticeable development in the published update is the elimination of the problems encountered in the application. Now, Windows 10 users can easily log in to Windows Central and comment on the articles in the application.

In addition to solving the login problem, the logos and icons of the application were changed along with the update. With the update, the news categories in the application have been updated and the fonts of the articles have also changed. With the 1.3.9 version of Windows Central, a problem in the podcasts section of the application has been fixed.

Windows Central, which is the application that can track the contents of the Windows Central site in Windows 10, can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store. In addition, Windows 10 users who want to update to the latest version of Windows Central application can also use Microsoft Store.


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