Windows 10’s Optional Latest Update Destroys Flash


Microsoft has released an update coded KB4577586 that Windows 10 users can install on demand. This update ensures that Adobe Flash, which means nothing for Windows 10 at the end of the year, is removed from the computer and cannot be installed again. The update will become the recommended update in the coming months.

US-based technology giant Microsoft has released an optional update for Windows 10 users. This update coded “KB4577586” ensures that Adobe Flash, which will be buried in the dusty shelves of history by the end of the year, is removed from the system and cannot be installed again. This move by Microsoft will speed up Flash’s death a little bit more.

Windows 10’s support for Adobe Flash will officially end at the end of this year. In January, Microsoft’s new internet browser Edge will be deprived of Adobe Flash support. It turns out that Microsoft is ready to take steps for the upcoming dates. In the statements made by the company, it is stated that with such an update, users will be able to preview the problems that may occur in the post-Adobe Flash process.

Although the software update KB4577586 released by Microsoft for Windows 10 is optional for now, this will change. Company officials state that the tool to remove Adobe Flash from Windows 10 will be tried to be delivered to all Windows 10 users with a recommended update. By the summer of 20212, there will be no link between Microsoft and Adobe Flash.

By the way, Microsoft isn’t the only company turning its back on Adobe Flash. Google made a statement on the subject and announced that by the end of the year, it would break the link between Chrome and Adobe Flash. Adobe, the developer of Flash, which has managed to find itself in the deepest part of our lives for years, will finish Flash this year. The company says it will publish some guides for users in the future.

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