Windows 10 Your Phone app: Ties are getting stronger


Microsoft no longer has its own smartphone platform. Even the company’s newest smartphone, the Surface Duo, runs Android. The software giant has instead opted for closer ties with Samsung. One of the most concrete reflections of this relationship between the two companies is seen in Microsoft’s Your Phone application. The connections between the Your Phone app used on Windows 10 and Samsung branded smartphones are getting stronger.

The latest change in this direction was the ability to run multiple applications on Samsung devices on the computer via the Your Phone application. The announcement of the feature was previously made.

In this way, the applications on the phone can be run on the computer as if they were a native Windows application. Users will be able to fix these applications on the taskbar for quick access if they wish. The said integration makes it more efficient and smoother for users to run phone applications on the computer screen compared to the mirroring method. Members of the Windows Insiders program will be the first to benefit from this opportunity.

The coverage area of ​​this tightened integration between the Windows 10 Your Phone app and Samsung-branded phones will not be very large at first. For now, Galaxy S20 and Note 20 series and foldable phones will be able to benefit from this integration in Galaxy Z Fold 2 and Z Flip models.


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