Windows 10, you can change your Android settings via PC


Windows 10 users using the Your Phone app will have another feature available soon. It will be possible to change the settings of your Android phone through the computer.

The novelty, called Device Indicators, will allow you to see the status of Wi-Fi, bluetooth, audio and the “do not disturb” mode of your smartphone on your PC and modify them. The information was discovered by the Italian website Aggiornamente Lumia and appeared in version v1.21012.195.0 of the tool.

Once the new functions are received, the user will only need to click on the computer screen to change the settings. At the moment, it is not yet possible to make modifications via Windows 10, just check how the status of each of them is.

“> The novelty has been slowly implemented by the developers of the application, with no official date to work correctly on all smartphones.

The Windows 10 Your Phone app allows smartphone owners to sync their devices, manage image and video galleries directly from their computer. When connected with Samsung smartphones, it is even possible to bring some mobile applications to the PC screen.


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