Windows 10 will warn if your SSD is defective


Microsoft has released two new features for Windows 10 in the Insiders program. Build 20226 introduced testing mechanisms for SSDs that notify if the storage device is defective, and updated the Seu Seu app, which is now compatible with pairing multiple cell phones simultaneously.

Software from manufacturers already monitor the behavior of SSDs to judge whether the storage device is failing and should be replaced or repaired, be it an SSD or NVMe; but Windows 10 itself is not able to interpret these flaws. The new tool, in turn, introduces system users to a native tool for monitoring NVMe SSDs and is able to inform “when they will stop”.

The detectors have been implemented in the system and there is no need to perform a manual check to find the errors. As soon as update 20226 is installed, Windows 10 enables the tool and reports through the SSD properties within the Disk and Volume Manager, in the Settings menu. If he is not doing well in reading and writing tasks, the system will describe him as “unreliable”, recommending an immediate backup.

‘Your Phone’ also has news

Another novelty is the expansion of the Seu Seu app. The application received a device management system and allows pairing with multiple cell phones simultaneously. This tool is especially useful not only for those who use two smartphones, but also facilitates the transition from an old device to a new one.

The manager allows you to add multiple phones to the app and manage them from the app menu. It is possible to add a cell phone, remove it or switch between main cell phones with ease and each one can synchronize a different wallpaper with your computer.

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Both were made available on the Windows Insider developer channel, a section of the program that serves as a testing environment for experimental tools that may or may not reach the final version of the operating system. More information is available on the official Microsoft blog.


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