Windows 10 will run Linux programs with graphical interface


The troubled story between Microsoft and Linux seems to be coming to an end. The company founded by Bill Gates announced, during BUILD 2020, that the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL), a module that allows developers a creation environment in the company’s operating system, will run program interfaces aimed at the penguin OS.

If in the past the company responsible for Windows fought a real battle against the spread of open source software, having Linux as its main competitor, movements such as the acquisition of Github and the creation of the WSL itself demonstrated efforts to attract professionals who work for some years. with these solutions.

One of the main obstacles for developers was precisely the impossibility of visualizing the execution of their programs, since the subsystem only offered support for commands that were not graphical. However, that is about to change.

The novelty was made possible by several WSL enhancements, including the insertion of machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques. In practice, developers will have less reason to use Linux if the purpose is just to visualize the program interface and develop them – which suggests that, despite the friendly climate, the dispute between companies for gaining an audience is something that, definitely , has no end date.


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