Windows 10 will receive DirectStorage for video games


Microsoft intends to bring the new API of its next generation console to the Windows 10 PC ecosystem and take advantage of the latest in NVMe SSDs.

Microsoft will bring one of the new Xbox Series X technologies to the Windows 10 ecosystem to take advantage of the higher speed in its video games. This is the so-called DirectStorage API, an important feature of the set of new technologies that make up the Xbox Velocity Architecture. The purpose of this API is to get next-gen games to take advantage of the new Xbox Series X SSD to significantly reduce load times, even eliminating them. Now, the Redmond company confirms that they will bring this new API to Windows 10 so that their video games enjoy those same advantages on PC.

DirectStorage heading to Windows 10 PC

Thus, Microsoft wants to boost the data transmission speed on both Xbox Series X and Windows 10 PCs, a platform in which SSD disks have long been integrated as an essential part of the most advanced equipment, especially those units that use NVMe technology . All this will make, working together with DirectX 12 Ultimate, video games in Windows 10 are faster than ever.

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