Windows 10 will help you change your mobile settings


Having your mobile always at hand is almost a constant. All the information in the world and what interests you is behind a screen that you can keep in your pocket, but sometimes you don’t have it close to control it. This is not such a serious problem, but many like to have it around just in case. To lose sight of it there are applications to control it from a computer, but the point of Your Windows 10 Phone goes as far as making adjustments on your smartphone.

Control your mobile settings without touching it

Microsoft has some well-known and useful applications. If we talk to you about the Office package, surely you know what we are talking about, and if not, Excel, Word or PowerPoint will surely sound familiar to you. Now, with the arrival of Windows 10 the firm has been very up to date. So much so that it even has a feature with which you can control some parameters of your mobile if you link it.

Its name is Your Phone, you may have it installed on your computer without your knowing it. It is an application that helps you check certain features of your mobile even if it is not visible to you. The function is capable of showing you some applications installed on your terminal as you would see them on it, although if you have the browser version it is always better to use the one on the big screen.

But in Redmond every time they raise the level of this feature and now it has reached the point of controlling the device settings. As we read in MSPowerUser, the software will provide you with the data that occurs on your mobile, such as notifications, battery level, and mobile and WiFi coverage. But just below the device model you will have four simple buttons with which to control the most basic settings of the mobile.

From left to right, you will have the possibility to activate the do not disturb mode, the Bluetooth connection with nearby devices, the volume of the device as well as its player. Of course, it is not such a specific feature with which you enter the mobile itself and see parameters such as battery consumption, updates or the use of the data that you do after a browsing session.


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