Windows 10 will have new customizations after update


A next Windows 10 update is already set to introduce a variety of new font management features that can come through the open source PowerToys application

Currently, Windows 10 users can now easily select a default font from the long list available in the “Settings” app and then drag and drop. The new update aims to add improvements to the system, and even introduce more granularity.

Improvements include the ability to change the way fonts are rendered on the screen. The new font manager is being built using PowerToys, a set of freeware system utilities for Windows 10 available on GitHub that anyone can download, and eventually improve.

New customization of Windows 10

These user interactions allow multiple adjustments to be customized in Windows 10, with the construction of important improvements such as layouts for platforms with multiple monitors, new keyboard shortcuts and key remapping.

Now, the tool’s designers are focused on rendering unstable text, a problem that is generated by the way in which the operating system translates the font design into pixels. The purpose of future changes is to give the text a uniform appearance in all sizes and at different monitor resolutions.

Another novelty promised by PowerToys is a new generation of the Color Picker tool, a feature that allows users to identify the hexadecimal value of any color that appears on the screen. The update will allow users to be able to choose a different shade of color with a single touch of the selector.

Still with no definitive release date, both font rendering and Color Picker v2 will arrive in a major PowerToys update next year, which still promises a new cursor viewer activated by the “mouse balance” similar to MacOS.

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