Windows 10 will have more useful ‘standard apps’ feature


Windows 10 should get an update that will make it easier for users to standardize an application so that it always opens a certain type of file. Currently, if you have several apps that open the same file type installed on the machine, the system tries to choose the most suitable one so that it opens as a default.

However, Windows 10 does not always choose the ideal program, according to the taste of each user. There is also a flaw that does not allow some applications installed by the Microsoft Store to appear in the list of available apps.

If the user wants to associate a specific type of file with a specific program, they will still have to search for it in a huge list, within the “Standard programs” feature, in the system settings, as seen in the image below:

A subtle but very useful change

According to Techradar, it seems that Microsoft intends to implement a very simple but very useful change, within the standard Programs window: the addition of a search box.

The search box will allow the user to search for a file type or an application directly, without having to search for them in a list or in the installation folders.

Thus, associating a file type with a program, or vice versa, should become a much faster and easier task.

The update is expected to be released in October or November, as part of the second major 2020 update of the system, or Windows 10 20H2.

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