Windows 10 will add Auto HDR to over 1000 games


Windows 10 is testing a feature that adds Auto HDR to more than 1000 PC games by enabling an option within the operating system settings.

As explained on the company’s development website, this technique allows you to create an HDR scheme from the game’s default settings. Microsoft highlights the simplicity of the feature, which works with games that do not bring HDR natively, just requires a monitor compatible with the technology.

To date, Auto HDR is only available to members of the Windows Insider Program through build 21337 or higher. After installation, the user just needs to follow the options of Settings> System> Display> Video> Windows HD Color settings. Then just follow the images below, ensuring that the HDR and Auto HDR options are enabled.

If you do not have a compatible monitor, the options will not appear.

Once enabled, the feature will use DirectX 11 and DirectX 12 to change brightness and color settings in real time. Remember that the new generation consoles Xbox Series S / X are already using this option since the launch.


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