Windows 10 v2004 started rolling out to more users


Initially made available to consumers in May of this year, the 2004 version of Windows 10 has been offered gradually to users of the system offered by Microsoft, something that partly happened due to the bugs that initially prevented it from being offered to all hardware present in the system. market.

However, over time, Microsoft has been correcting these more serious flaws that prevented the delivery of the latest version of the operating system, something that has been adjusted in particular in the last two cumulative updates made available by the company.

With this, the company started to make the new update available to all its users, inviting in particular those who use versions 1903 and 1909 to install the version and thus further increase the user base that has it installed.

“Using the machine-based (ML-based) training we’ve done so far, we’re increasing the number of devices selected for automatic updating to Windows 10, version 2004 that is nearing the end of the service,” Microsoft noted in July 22 “We will continue to train our machine learning at all stages to intelligently launch new versions of Windows 10 and offer a smooth upgrade experience.”

The availability arrives shortly after Microsoft also started to make available in the Release Preview channel of Windows 10 Insider the version 2009 (also known as 20H2), which means that the delivery of the distribution to ordinary users must occur within the traditional schedule, that is, already in September.

It is worth remembering that, however, some minor bugs (such as the case of the failure with SSDs that we report here) remain pending correction, which may mean extra attention to correct some aspects when performing the update to the new version.

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