Windows 10 updates how to update drivers


One of the reasons why a device connected to your PC does not work or does it poorly are the drivers. It’s not the first time you’ve heard this, let alone the last when it comes to the Redmond system. Updating them is very simple, but soon you will have to renew the path to this option because Windows 10 will replace the option to update the drivers.

Microsoft relocates the driver update position

Surely you have heard many times that if a peripheral of your computer does not work for you, it is probably because of the drivers. These pieces of code make the compatibility between the computer and the device perfect and if they are also updated it means that they include improvements. The most typical case is that of keyboards and mice, which even have their own software to add them. But sometimes it is up to you to update the system and that is very simple.

Until now, this step was performed by searching the device manager for those that were connected, or by using the error solver. However, the Redmond will update Windows 10 with a new position to update drivers. It will be from version 2004, build 19041.423, when this new function is set to a new, apparently more accessible path.

We say apparently because old school ones will have a hard time getting used to it, but visiting the Settings> Update & Security> Windows Update> View optional updates> Driver updates won’t be very difficult. As seen in WindowsLastest, these will appear in a string as the official updates of the operating system. THE only difference is that you can choose which ones are downloaded and installed and which ones are not.

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More useful for new settings

The presence of a new feature to update drivers in Windows 10 can help many users. Placing it in a more visible place for new users will give it more presence, and those already experienced in the system will have a new access route. It is not clear if this means a goodbye to the old device manager, but one thing is clear: this is one more attempt by Microsoft to abandon old menus such as the control panel, which it has been trying to replace for a long time with the new control panel. setting.


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