Windows 10 update will bring changes for Microsoft Edge


Microsoft announced a new feature that will change the way links are copied and pasted in the web browser Edge. This feature, called Link Format, will be available to users with a Windows 10 update to be released in the upcoming period. With Link Format, users will be able to choose whether to paste a URL copied from the address bar as plain text or a web link.

Users will need to use the CTRL + V key combination to paste a URL in a readable and simple format. In order to paste the entire URL as plain text, the key combination CTRL + Shift + V will be used. Default options can be changed through the settings panel of the Edge.

The Link Format feature will first support URLs copied from the Edge’s address bar. However, Microsoft continues to work on the feature to support in-page links.

In the statement made by Microsoft, it was stated that the new feature was prepared by analyzing the habits of Edge users to copy and share their web addresses. “We wanted to understand how users feel when copying and pasting URLs from their web browser,” says the company’s blog post on the subject. We aimed to understand what they do when they copy and paste URLs. We wanted to see where they had trouble. We noticed that people were editing the URLs to make the URLs clearer or to extract extra elements. We also saw that at some point everyone wanted the exact, plain text URL the way they copied.

According to Microsoft, with this new feature, users will be able to copy their links as they prefer, so no time is wasted for extra transactions. Before the new Windows 10 update, it is necessary to download the Windows version of the Edge Canary version to try the Link Format feature.

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