Windows 10 update is causing problems for system users


Another update is causing problems for Windows 10 users, this time we’re talking about August’s Patch Tuesday, which brings security improvements and bug fixes to the system. According to the Windows Latest website, some Windows 10 users are unable to install the update, which results in errors for several of them.

The website also reports that Windows 10 updates KB4565351 and KB4566782 are resulting in errors for both versions 1909 and 2004 of the Microsoft system. The error code reported most often is 0x800f081f, which usually means that there are files missing from the WinSXS folder. Some users claim to have tried to install the update up to 5 times, all without success.

The worst comes now: even when the update is installed correctly, bugs start to appear, most of them involving sound and the famous and feared Blue Screen of Death, which suddenly restarts the computer or simply locks it, in which case the only option is to force restarting the system, which can result in data loss.

However, it is worth saying that only a few users have reported such problems, so it is recommended to pause system updates and wait for Microsoft to correct these problems, as there is still no applicable solution. You can do this at:

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