Windows 10: Update combining SSD on every boot


Microsoft fixed a bug that affected a very specific function of Windows 10: a drive optimization tool that performed defragmentation of SSD drives with a frequency not recommended.

The correction was sent from the new version KB4571756 (also known as build 19041.508) of the operating system, which started to be sent to users on September 3rd.

Understand the problem

In summary, the Windows 10 storage optimization system was not identifying the date of the last defragmentation operation and therefore restarted the task almost every time the device was turned on – which can be once or even several times a day depending on your usage habits.

Doing this operation so often is not recommended and can damage the life of the component. Usually, the automatic optimization process takes place once a month.

According to Windows Latest, the problem was first identified in January 2020 by users of Windows Insiders and had already undergone a fix, which has not proved to be fully effective. You can check the details of the update on the Microsoft support website.

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