Windows 10 update adds with Paint, Wordpad and Notepad


The major May (2004) update for Windows 10 apparently removed the classic Notepad, Paint and Wordpad from some users’ PCs. Microsoft support forums are receiving reports and complaints about the absence of native apps that have been present in the Microsoft operating system for decades.

Interestingly, the absence of these applications does not appear to be a problem, but a company decision. The trio can be reinstalled within one of the Settings app’s menus, where it will be downloaded and re-inserted into the machine manually. Evidence indicates that the company intends to remove the programs at some point.

For programmers and even PC gamers, Notepad plays a crucial role: to be clean, easy-to-access text editing software. It can make small adjustments to codes, as well as modify files to make small adjustments to games.

The others – Wordpad and Paint – were very popular tools in the past, but have been losing relevance to more efficient programs. Still, if your absence has been reported, apps should be of some importance to a portion of users.

To get them back on the computer, you need to go to Settings> Applications> Optional features. This tab allows you to search for the missing app and install it.

If this solution does not seem appropriate – or has more problems in the 2004 version of Windows 10 – it is also possible to restore the operating system to version 1903, this one with all known programs and without the problems found recently. In this case, go to Settings> Update and Security> Recovery to start the process.

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