Windows 10 Update Action Center and even the Start Menu


A new update of Windows 10 again caused problems for users, this time in a very popular feature of the operating system – none other than the Start Menu.

According to the Windows Latest website, the September 2020 Update of the platform (versions KB4571756 and KB4574727) is loaded with incompatibilities in relation to the previous version and brought several error codes to some users. Failures are not restricted to a single sector of the system and can cause a lot of headaches for the user.

The main error seems to be in the popular Start Menu, which is not launched with a click and does not return search results, even if obvious terms are entered.

The same case seems to happen with the Action Center, which concentrates shortcuts and notifications. These problems were possibly caused by some incompatibility, since one of the changes promoted in the update involves the use of Windows 10 in “tablet mode”, by devices with a touch screen.

More problems

Some users have already reported on the Microsoft support page the difficulty in validating the login with the company’s account. Even an old bug that should have been fixed has been reported again: the bug that “disappears” with the user’s profile. There are even reports of the “Blue Screen of Death”.

Whoever installed the aforementioned Windows 10 updates and found some of the reported problems does not have many options. You can manually uninstall both updates to eliminate the flaws. It is also possible to restore the system to a point where the builds were not incorporated, if you have this option enabled, or simply wait for Microsoft fixes.

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