Windows 10 Sun Valley: what we know about the update


Microsoft is working on a major update to Windows 10. Scheduled to be released in 2021, the update dubbed “Sun Valley” promises to bring a renewed design and new features that will improve users’ workflow.

Thus, the company’s objective will be to invigorate and rejuvenate the desktop concept. Here are some details that have been revealed by Windows Central sources:

Big Interface Change

Sun Valley is going to mess with the Windows 10 interface a lot. The software design will be slightly overhauled, while windows and buttons will have more rounded corners. The Start Menu will also gain an exclusive design with the update.

Another change will be a simpler and leaner Taskbar, moving most of the additional items to the Action Center – similar to Windows 10X. The notification area will now have visually separate boxes.

In this way, Microsoft aims to deliver a more modern interface. Consequently, this should improve the workflow of users in the home office.

New Features

With Sun Valley, Windows 10 is expected to gain new features that enhance the user experience. Most of them aim to increase the productivity of individuals.

For example, the feature called “Dashboard” will be added to the task display area. With it, the person has an overview of what is happening in their corporate or Microsoft account, with access to calendars, emails and Office documents.

Another highlight will be a new battery usage graph in Settings. It will analyze which software uses the most energy and work to prevent it from quickly draining the notebook or laptop battery.

According to rumors, Microsoft will launch Sun Valley in October 2021. However, it is possible that Windows Insiders will begin testing the final version of the update from June.


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