Windows 10 Sun Valley: Update Retires Windows 95 Icons


Windows 10 Sun Valley: Microsoft plans to deliver a design update, coded as Sun Valley, later this year that promises a “complete visual rejuvenation” for Windows 10. Now available to testers in the Windows Insider community, some of the new operating system changes have been shown today (6) through the Windows Latest website.

The great news is that Microsoft will finally update the old icons from the historic Windows 95. The update, which is expected to arrive between October and November this year, is in RTM (Release to Manufacturing) status. . Some new icons, such as those from File Explorer, Recycle Bin and Disk Drives, had already been launched in March.

Following the trend of rounded and more colorful corners, the website identified updated icons for hibernation mode, network, memory and floppy drives. The look is similar to the images currently in use in the Microsoft 365 suite and Microsoft Launcher, on the Android mobile platform.

Changing Shell32.dll

The preview of the new version of Sun Valley revealed a set of redesigned icons for folders, options and buttons that are inside the Shell32.dll file. The extension is characteristic of the dynamic library of the Shell module, present in all versions of Windows released after the pioneering Windows 95.

The redesign of Shell32.dll is critical, as this file provides icons for a wide variety of dialog boxes within the operating system. Outdated, they end up looking inconsistent compared to modernizing other parts of the system.

More news about the Windows 10 Sun Valley update is possible during Microsoft Build 2021, the company’s annual conference for developers of Windows, Azure and other technologies from the Redmond giant. The event will take place this month, from the 25th to the 27th, online.


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