Windows 10 Sun Valley: Microsoft Pauses Preview Updates


Windows 10 Sun Valley: The long-awaited Sun Valley update for Windows 10 is expected to be officially announced by Microsoft at an event to be held on June 24th. Until then, the company must keep the new look of the operating system a secret.

Members of the Windows Insider program received an update with a patch package this Tuesday (8), but with no extra features or aesthetic changes. As per the information, this will be the last update until the event.

According to Microsoft, the recent update is intended to fix certain bugs in the pre-release version of the software. A process considered common by the industry.

“There are differences between testing the patch against Windows 10 release patches and testing it in previews to find bugs and fix issues,” commented Brandon LeBlanc, senior manager of Windows Insider.

In addition, the executive said that it is necessary to test the tools used to discover and resolve possible holes in the system. Only after this last “verification” can they release the preview to program members.

hiding the game

Apparently, Microsoft opted to pause Windows 10 preview to change or hide internal code and merge with Sun Valley update features. They were also recently removed from the developer previews.

Rumors suggest that the upcoming update will surprise users with an experience full of new features. As well, it will present a completely renewed interface by retiring old icons.

As such, users will have to wait until June 24 for more news about Windows 10 Sun Valley – or possible Windows 11. The operating system is expected to be available in the last quarter of 2021.


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