Windows 10: Start menu may change again


One of the most traditional elements of the Microsoft operating system, the Start Menu may undergo another graphic redesign soon in Windows 10.

According to the Windows Latest website, the shortcut bar, documents and programs should soon have a visual change that is quite light, but indicates a possible direction of the company’s interfaces for the future. Who delivered the novelty was an official screenshot that illustrated one of the explanations on the Microsoft Tips portal.

The image shows that the Start Menu will not change radically after the redesign that began shipping in July this year. However, the search bar, the Context Menu (when you right-click on an icon and the box in which an application is located when you place the mouse over it are rounded.

Currently, these borders are all straight, in a rectangle scheme that has been followed since the beginning of the life of the Metro interface, presented together with Windows 8, in 2012.

The image may have been displayed by accident and, possibly, the function is still under development by the Microsoft team.

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