Windows 10: what was removed from the system in the May update?


The May 2020 update for Windows 10 brought important new features to the operating system; but what tools have been removed or discontinued? Between revamped and preliminary changes to some products, Microsoft redirects Windows to its new projects.

Cortana as a productivity assistant

In March, rumors indicated that Microsoft started to mention Cortana as Microsoft 365 Assistant. The news pointed out that the system’s virtual assistant would help the user with more mundane tasks and manage smart home tools.

Coincidence or not, Cortana from the May update received significant cuts in its native resources and implemented quick searches – which is a great way to access content and news with agility.

Regarding removals, the recent update no longer relies on the Companion Device framework – responsible for managing devices such as Microsoft Band. As a result, the assistant also loses access to music; connections with other smart devices and access to other device ecosystems.

The disappearance of “Messages” and Cellular Plans

Since the death of Windows 10 Mobile, both applications have fallen by the wayside. The Messaging app and the Mobile Plans played an important role on mobile devices; however, they will be distributed differently. Apps will now be removed from non-mobile devices – even though compatible phones can still use the app.

Windows To Go and former Microsoft Edge

Microsoft’s solution for ensuring Windows portability was introduced there in Windows 8 and continued on the latest system. Windows To Go allowed you to extract your system to any USB device with 32 GB of storage and download your programs to any other machine.

Despite its usefulness, Microsoft chose to end it in the May update. There are no further explanations for the removal on the company’s official website.

Finally, as expected, Microsoft Edge will no longer receive news. With the release of the Chromium-based browser version, Microsoft is turning its development team over to the new distribution.

The other removals and replacements can be checked on the official Microsoft website.


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