Windows 10 recovers widgets with Microsoft Edge


If you are a Windows 10 user, you will know that it takes Microsoft Edge by the hand. It is true that you can change your browser whenever you want, but that is a matter of taste. However, you should know that Redmond are working on improvements that will help make your experience better and more complete. One of them is the new Edge feature that will bring a new widget for Windows 10.

New Edge widget on the way

If we talk about a widget, surely what it is comes to mind. Otherwise, we can go to the special functions of the applications that Android and iOS have to use them without opening them. But this not only started with the Mountain View operating system, if you used Windows 7 you will surely remember those little time panels, the big clock and the sticky notes.

And this is just the concept of the new Edge feature for Windows 10: the new widgets. Specifically, one is being tested that will facilitate the search for information on the Internet. Everything is concentrated in a vertical rectangular module that contains a search box and more personalized information according to the user. This function is called ‘my news’ and it will be activated according to the person’s searches as long as they have a session started in the browser.

From here on, all the relevant information that could be of interest to the person will follow. It will also have a feature to access the person’s profile, widget settings, and a button to minimize the feature. But these are not the only news that will come in the not too distant future according to what WindowsLastest tells.

Other features coming to Edge

The arrival of Edge widgets is one of the many things that will come in the future of the Redmond browser. Another feature that we will see is the use of a tab finder, something especially useful if you work with several in the same window. There will also be a menu for the extensions that will allow you to see what you have installed and whether or not you want them to appear in the app’s toolbar.


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