Windows 10 Recommends Use of Bing on Microsoft Edge


Windows 10: Microsoft has returned to harass Windows 10 users with notifications to use the Bing search engine. According to reports collected by Windows Latest, the company is sending system alerts suggesting it uses Google’s competitor with the Edge browser.

The notifications started to arrive after the release of Edge 91 and appear as a pop-up of Windows 10, in the Action Center of the operating system. One of the alerts displays the benefits of using Bing, including Microsoft’s rewards tool, and has a button to change the browser’s default search engine.

Another notification sent by the company emphasizes the MSN news feed, which appears on Bing’s home page with a selection of news. In addition, the company also emphasizes that the search engine is safe and private.

Tip inside Edge

Microsoft’s efforts to promote Bing go beyond Windows 10 notifications. The new version of Edge also displays a pop-up after installation suggesting the use of the company’s search engine.

The window that appears in Edge for Windows 10 suggests the company’s “recommended browser settings”. If the user accepts the request, the company’s browser becomes the system default, while Bing assumes the role of primary browser.

How to disable Microsoft recommendations

According to Windows Latest, notifications sent by Microsoft are linked to a system of recommendations on the Edge 91. The new feature gives the company permission to send suggestion messages to the user directly in Windows.

For those who are annoyed by pop-ups, the function can be disabled through Microsoft Edge’s flagging system. You can do this by following the steps below:

Open Microsoft Edge and type edge://flags in the address bar;
Search for edge-show-feature-recommendations in the search bar;
Set the role to Disabled;
Restart Microsoft Edge.


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