Windows 10: ‘printer bug’ gets even worse after update


Microsoft has confirmed the release of a patch for Windows 10 that should address the operating system failure caused by the use of some printers of certain brands. In the last week, the flaw was discovered by some users and had the most serious consequence even the “Blue Screen of Death”.

However, the situation is not yet fully resolved. The update sent even remedied the original failure, but another incompatibility generated new errors on the platform.

What happened?

According to the Windows Latest website, the flaws are now in the print itself. Users reported that the sheets come out incomplete, without a pattern, missing objects such as bar codes or QR Codes and without the complete form of tables, citing just a few examples.

The builds that had problems regarding the use of the printer are the following, sent between the 9th and 15th of March:


The company confirmed that it is looking for a solution and should send a new correction in the coming days. Reinstalling the above packages solved the problem for some users, but it is not a permanent solution.

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