Windows 10: Optional Update Fixes Bugs And Improves System


Windows 10: Microsoft has sent Windows 10 users a series of optional updates that address various platform fixes caused by incompatibilities or bugs from previous versions.

One of these patches is KB5009596, which, according to the website Bleeping Computer, fixes several situations encountered by the community that generated crashes, slowdowns and a drop in the frame rate per second (fps), something especially important for those who use the computer for games.

These flaws would have been caused by the January 2022 Major Update in Windows 10, in particular the security-focused build KB5009543. As the fixes are currently part of an optional release, you must manually select them in the system settings — they should even be incorporated in the February enhancements package, but it is best to resolve these issues as soon as possible.

And Windows 11?

The latest version of Microsoft’s system, Windows 11 also experienced the same problem: a security patch that fixes dozens of flaws ended up generating several more in different sectors.

Recently, the company started to fix the flaws, including a bug that prevented the use of VPNs.