Windows 10: Optional Update Causes Taskbar Errors


Windows 10: The KB5003214 patch for Windows 10, released last Tuesday (25), is causing problems for many users who have downloaded the optional update, according to Windows Latest. The bugs are mainly related to the Microsoft operating system taskbar.

Some netizens have reported that taskbar icons appear out of order after the cumulative update, according to the publication. Others complain that they are blank and overlapped if the “News & Interests” feature added through the patch is activated.

There are also those who complain about bugs in the network icon and in the notifications center, also arising after the installation of new features. System tray icons randomly moving and disappearing, or hiding after adding the news feed, are also among the issues reported.

“After installing Quality Cumulative Preview Update KB5003214, I had some issues with the taskbar, particularly with the icons on the right hand side moving randomly, disappearing (hiding) or getting scrambled,” wrote one of the affected users. Others complained about the disappearing search box and the screen scaling.

Fixing the problems

Apparently, all bugs related to the KB5003214 Windows 10 update are caused by the “News and Interests” function. Thus, turning off the new feed in the system settings is one of the solutions to fix them. To do so, just click on the weather icon and then on “Disable”.

A more radical alternative to getting rid of flaws is to remove the package. In this case, open the “Control Panel”, follow the path Uninstall a program > View installed updates and click on the update in question to delete it.

Note that patch KB5003214 is available for versions 21H1 (May 2021 update), 20H2 (October 2020 update) and 2004 (May 2020 update).