Windows 10 news feed is now more colorful and flashy


Microsoft has made a slight visual change to one of the Windows 10 Taskbar features. Some users who are members of the Insiders program are already experiencing changes to the operating system’s news feed and headline interface.

The novelty is that the contents are now more visually striking: instead of all having the same gray color, each content received its own visual pattern, based on the background image that illustrates the news. That way, you can navigate more easily and have your attention captured more quickly by reports that previously might have gone unnoticed.

As a complement, the company also modified the page that opens in the browser when you click on the item “See more news”. The curatorship now separates the main headlines of the day at the top, followed by colorful cards that bring a preview of the text.

Finally, Microsoft even facilitated the sharing of these contents with a reaction from you, based on a chosen emoji. In addition, the latest build features bugfixes reported by the community.

The novelty for now is restricted to users in the United States and a small group that is part of the Insiders program, but should be implemented in the near future in the stable consumer version of Windows 10.


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