Windows 10: Microsoft Announces End Of Support For October 2025


Windows 10: Is the end of Windows 10 near? An update on the website about the support lifecycle for the most used operating system in computers in the world, made this Monday (14) by Microsoft, revealed the date of retirement of the software.

As per the document, Windows 10 support will end on October 14, 2025, just over 10 years after the system debut. As of this date, all Home and Pro versions, as well as the Pro for Workstation (intended for corporate users), will no longer receive updates sent by the Redmond giant.

By ending support for the latest version of the software in 2025, the company remains committed to providing support for 10 years, the same lifecycle as in previous editions. She also confirmed the availability of at least one semi-annual update by the scheduled date.

Released on July 29, 2015, Windows 10 (version 1507) has arrived to replace Windows 8.1, with Microsoft hinting that it would be the last version of the program. Instead of making a successor available, the idea was to start treating it as a service, releasing constant updates.

Windows 11 on the way?

By revealing the end of Windows 10 support for 2025, Microsoft reinforces recent rumors regarding the release of Windows 11. In recent days, the tech giant released a provocative 11-minute video, which despite not providing any information, piqued the public’s curiosity on account of the duration.

With that and other references, it’s speculated that the “next generation of Windows” to be unveiled at an event scheduled for June 24 isn’t just a simple update. The Sun Valley version, as it has been called, should bring renewed visual elements, new functions and several other new features.


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