Windows 10: May Update Prevents Login to Teams and Other Apps


Windows 10: Recently released, a cumulative update for Windows 10 (version 1909) is causing problems for users. The package of implementations is preventing the login of Microsoft 365 suite applications, such as Teams, Outlook and OneDrive Business.

When attempting to access, a screen with the message “We have encountered a problem. Reconnecting …” is displayed, along with a prompt to restart the software.

The error, identified by the code “80080300”, is caused by the cumulative update called “KB5003169”, part of the recently released May 2021 Update. Fortunately, the problem is easily resolved: according to Microsoft, everything the user needs to do when they find the error is restarting the computer. The simple measure ensures that the installation of the package is carried out successfully and thus also corrects the bug.

According to data from Microsoft itself, only a small portion of users were affected by the problem, which soon disappeared after the system was restarted. If the previous solution does not work, the company recommends using the browser version of the applications, which remain operational and without problems.


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