Windows 10 Insider Preview Setup 20251 Announced


With the announcement made on the Windows Blog, the new Windows 10 Insider preview installation 20251 was announced. Many problems will also be fixed in the new installation.

Software development has many stages, and these stages can get even more complicated, especially when it comes to sophisticated and popular software like Windows. Companies also carry out tests with users to avoid problems that may occur at this point.

Windows also gives developers and enthusiasts the chance to see and test new features with the Insider program. With the announcement made on the company’s official blog, the new Windows 10 Insider preview installation 20251 was announced.

Update for developers

Windows software development kit (SDK) will now be in constant communication with the developer channel. Whenever a new operating system is installed on the developer channel, the corresponding SDK will also be updated. It will also be possible to download the latest SDK from the internet.

The new update will include many fixes. These fixes include some basic issues such as the background turning gray instead of white in some dialogs, and the taskbar and power button being intertwined.

In addition, errors such as system thread permission not checked error, and more serious problems such as opengl32.dll crash will be eliminated. Issues such as blank notifications will also be history with the new installation.

New setup is not without problems

On the other hand, Microsoft is trying to eliminate errors in installation. These include problems such as losing access to secondary memory if games are moved to an external or secondary storage, which can particularly frustrate players.

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In addition, problems with various games or operating system problems are currently being examined. Company Insider focuses on the problems detected in the light of feedback from users. Thus, Microsoft will be able to release the next Windows 10 installation more smoothly. You can find all the details of the update here.


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