Windows 10: How To View PC Settings


Windows 10: Many look at the computer’s settings as soon as they buy it at a store or website, but after a while they may end up forgetting which processor is present in the machine, the amount of memory installed or even some other specific part data that is on the desktop or notebook. However, you can verify this information in a very simple way in Windows 10.

How to view PC settings in Windows 10

The first tip and the most practical way to get this data is using the search field on the main Windows bar. Type “computer” into the search bar and right-click on the computer icon for the options window to open. Click on “Properties” and that way you will be able to see the processor, memory and some other data of the machine.

Another way to get to the data of the components present in the computer is to search for “System Information” in the main operating system bar. This window brings up several other details of the machine, including BIOS data, system name and some other features that you can explore in the options that will appear in the area on the left.

Finally, it is also possible to search for “cmd” in the search and start the “Command Prompt”. At the command screen, type “systeminfo” and press “Enter” to verify all data pertaining to your computer.

It is noteworthy that Microsoft will still support Windows 10 for some time, more specifically until 2025, at which time Windows 11 will likely be available to all users around the globe. In addition, a new update package for this version of the system was made available in May, and you can check the news contained in it by clicking here.


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