Windows 10: How to use the start menu only with icons


Microsoft has modified the structure of its operating system over the years. Many consider that the peak of this came with Windows 7, but the Redmond company wanted to save all the good of 8 and the best of 7 to create the system that prevails in most computers in the world. One of those hybrid improvements are the quick icons of the start menu, which will have more prominence with the function that we teach you.

How to use only the start menu icons

The start menu is one of the oldest and most useful tools in Windows. Their presence has always helped users to have all the programs or applications they use most frequently at hand. But with the most modern system everything changes, and you can use the start menu only using the icons that come in the new version of Windows 10.

Everything would be as simple as ignoring the classic list, but we are going to tell you about another method that is much more practical and direct. The first thing you need to know is that to hide the list of Windows 10 applications you only need to take a look at the settings. Specifically, you must follow the path Settings> Personalization> Start, which will take you to a menu with many buttons on the screen.

Here you have to choose among all the options the one that tells you to ‘Show the list of applications from the start menu’. This button will reduce the drop-down menu that comes out of pressing the Windows button to the applications that you have on the right side, where only the groups that you have created or those that you have by default will appear.

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