Windows 10: How to Remove Programs That Start Automatically


Windows 10: Did you know that some Windows 10 applications start automatically? You may not realize it, but this happens and has a major impact on the performance of your machine. The computer starts up slower even if it does not have full space and it may be time to know how to eliminate these programs once and for all with the trick that we will discuss below.

Goodbye to apps that start themselves

One of the things that we have to warn you before proceeding with the elimination of programs that start automatically is that you have to know what they are before. This is important, since the first thing that may cross your mind is to uninstall the latest applications that you have installed. But this is not the case, there is a way to keep them on the computer without removing anything. The steps that we show you below are very simple and will help you detect the startup applications with the system:

Activate the Ctrl + Alt + Del key command
Enter the task manager
Select the Home tab

Now comes the interesting thing and that is that in this section you have a tab called Startup impact. Depending on the rating, you will have programs divided into High, Medium, Low or None. As you can imagine, those with high valuation are the ones that require more resources for a startup that you have not asked for. So what you have to do is right click on the heaviest ones and, one by one, select the Disable command. In this way, the program will continue on your machine and will only start when you activate it.

Do you know which ones they are? uninstall them

Okay, now that we’ve shown you how to detect programs that start automatically in Windows 10, you may want to take more drastic measures. The previous steps will help you to detect the apps with the greatest impact on the machine and if there are any that do not convince you or that you no longer use, it is best to remove them from the device. For this you must uninstall it correctly, so disabling as before or deleting the desktop icon (if you have it) will be worth it. For this do the following:

Open the Settings
Go to Applications> Applications and features
Select the one you want to remove
Click on the uninstall button
Wait for the process to finish
Now there will be no trace of the application, which is a quick and clear method to not only improve the startup of your computer but also to free up space on it.


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