Windows 10: how to modify the volume of your microphone


One of the things that come into play when making a video call through your computer is the microphone volume. This will seem impossible to you and when your volume is low it seems that there are only two options: either move closer to the peripheral or have the person you talk to turn up the volume on their device. But we are going to tell you a trick to modify the volume of your microphone in Windows 10.

This is how you change the microphone volume on your computer

You may think that everything about sound comes down to hitting a key to raise it and another to lower it. But everything is much more complex and you have to take another thing into account: the microphone volume. This feature is very neglected unless you know how to navigate the settings of the video calling programs you have on your machine.

But we are going to tell you another method that you should know and that is to modify the microphone volume in Windows 10. For that you must follow the steps that we tell you below:

Step 1
Go to Settings> System> Sound

Step 2
Go to the Entrance section

Step 3
Select the input device if you have more than one

Step 4
Go into device properties and modify the volume


This will increase or decrease the audio gain with which the microphone picks up your voice or ambient sound. We recommend that if you have to upload it, do not do it to the maximum for a quality issue. The volume of the microphone increases, which makes it much more sensitive to the vibrations it picks up and the moment you raise the pitch of your voice it can be distorted.

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The recommendation for the perfect sound
Now that you know how to modify the sound of your microphone in Windows 10 we are going to give you the recommendation for a perfect sound. As you can do a test you will not have problems to find it, but you should know that an optimal system volume is right in the center or at most a level 65. This way it will sound loud, and if you have to add a little more better do it from the program communications you have.


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