Windows 10: How To Fix WhatsApp Notification Errors


Windows 10: When WhatsApp was made available for Windows 10, users couldn’t be happier. However, some errors in notifications have made the tool experience a little more difficult.

There are several reasons why these failures can happen. If you are experiencing this problem, a few simple actions may be enough to resolve the situation. Check it out below:

Enable desktop notifications

To receive notifications, you need to first enable them in WhatsApp Web in your browser or in the app available in the Windows store. The steps for these two forms are the same, check it out:

1. Open WhatsApp Web in browser or PC application.

2. In the upper left corner, click on the three dots and when the menu opens, select settings.

3. On the next screen, click on notifications and wait for the options to open.

4. Select blocks sounds, desktop notifications and show preview.

5. Make sure the option to disable all desktop notifications is disabled.