Windows 10: How To Center Icons On The Taskbar


Windows 10: The unveiling of the new Windows 11 confirmed that Microsoft has worked on a major visual overhaul on the world’s most widely used operating system. In addition to the new colors and icons, the company even bet a new format for the Start Menu.

Traditionally on the left side of the screen since Windows 95, the menu will appear centered from the new version of the system. The format, which is very reminiscent of the one adopted in MacOS and Linux distributions, should become even more popular from now on.

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To help you get used to this new model, TecMundo has prepared a tutorial explaining how to make the icons on the taskbar centralized in the current Windows 10. The chosen method does not use any extra software, ensuring safety for the user. Check out the step by step below.

1. Right-click the mouse on the taskbar and disable the functions “Show Task View Button” and “Show Cortana Button”;

2. Access the settings again and disable the option “Block the taskbar”;

3. Leave the “Search” bar as “Hidden”;

4. In the menu, access the “Toolbar” option and enable the “Links” option;

5. Drag the “Links” button to the left, leaving it right next to the Start Menu. Push the button until all icons are suppressed and will stop on the other side of the taskbar.

6. Drag the program icons on the taskbar until they are centered;

7. Right-click the bottom bar again and enable the function “Lock the taskbar” again;

8. From now on, the icons will all be centered and symmetrical even if you open new programs and tools.

It is important to point out that the tutorial is only valid for the centering of the icons and the Start Menu is aligned to the left. Still, the new configuration can be a good opportunity to “train” the usability of Windows 11, especially for those who do not have a PC compatible with the system and currently intend to migrate to the software in the future.


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