Windows 10 gets new search console: start using it now!


Microsoft has launched a new search console for Windows 10. The enhanced feature has two columns: one for recent activities and one with shortcuts for quick searches, which include weather information, top news, “today in history” and a session whose research subject may vary.

The new search console is being released by the company to Windows 10 users starting with version 1809. It is not an update via Windows Update and no user intervention is required.

In addition to quick searches, the user can also use the search bar to type another term of interest, as was done in the previous version. In the image below, the new console offers the possibility to search for new movie releases. In our tests, the option displayed was “Prevention against coronavirus”.

How to access the new Windows 10 search console

To access the new Windows 10 search window, simply click on the “magnifying glass” icon on the Taskbar, or press the Windows key in combination with the letter “S”.

This new interface, which includes quick searches, is only available in some countries, such as the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, France, Germany, Japan, Mexico, India, China, Spain, and, fortunately, Brazil, among others.

Another novelty is that the search bar (the field for typing) now supports the Dutch language for online searches, directly, without having to open the browser. Previously, Dutch users had to use the English language.

If the new Windows 10 search console has not yet been released for your PC, you need not despair. The new feature is being released gradually and does not require manual download.

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