Windows 10 Gets Linux File System Support with New Update


With the new update to Windows, Linux files will be opened much easier. Apart from that, there is another feature brought for those who have storage problems.

Earlier this year, Microsoft shared its plans for Linux Kernel integration into Windows 10. The company now enables Linux files to be accessed within the File Explorer. Users have been able to access Linux files since Windows 1903. Users can open these files much more easily thanks to the feature that came in the 19603 build number update.

After opening File Explorer, you will see Linux’s penguin icon Tux on the left. This penguin icon will show you your Linux distributions and put the distribution you choose into the Linux root file system.

Fast-paced Windows Insider users are waiting for another innovation:
As it is known, in Windows Insider version, users are offered 2 options as ‘fast step’ and ‘slow step’. If you choose the ‘fast step’ option, you get every update instantly, but if you choose the ‘slow step’ option, you will receive updates less frequently. There is another innovation for ‘fast tier’ members from Windows Insider users.

This innovation is a tool that offers cleaning suggestions to free up disk space by selecting and deleting files not used in storage settings. Also, with this innovation, Microsoft News Bar was introduced. The customizable news application is positioned on the screen and updated throughout the day. If the window size distracts or distracts, the window can be reduced in a single motion.

Apart from these, although it is not officially announced by Microsoft, there is a ‘What’s new’ page on the agenda. This page, which appears when we enter Settings, introduces new features that come to the operating system. This feature was unveiled by the Windows 10 expert Albacore. As it is known later, Microsoft official Brandon LeBlanc tweeted that this feature was hidden because it is not yet ready for use.

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