Windows 10 Fixes Bug When Using Two Monitors

Windows 10 users with two or more monitors connected may encounter an error that groups all open programs on a single screen if the device enters hibernation mode. For those who suffer from this bug, the good news is that Microsoft released a fix this Thursday (29), within the Windows Insider program.

According to the company’s program manager Michelle Xiong, the problem is related to the “Rapid Hot Plug Detection” feature (or Rapid HPD, in English). “This behavior affects the settings of multiple DisplayPort monitors, which results in unwanted desktop rearrangements,” explained the expert.

This function is used to relocate apps when one of the monitors is disconnected, preventing the programs opened on it from being lost. However, it can be triggered by mistake when the device returns from hibernation, signaling that the external display would have been disconnected.

From then on, the programs that were open and organized on each monitor are now all displayed on the main display, and may even appear in a different location on another of the screens. Doing manual reorganization of apps can be a lot of work, hindering your productivity. And that is what the correction intends to avoid.

Another way to correct the flaw

The update that eliminates the bug is available first in the version of the Redmond giant’s operating system for developers, starting with build 21287.

According to the company, the correction should only reach all users along with the major update of Windows 10 scheduled to be released by the end of this year, bringing several other improvements.

Until then, the best alternative for those who are not part of the Windows Insider program is to modify the type of connection when working with one or more external monitors, giving preference to the use of HDMI cables instead of opting for the DisplayPort standard.



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