Windows 10 calculator now supports dark mode


Announced in March last year and inserted for testing since the beginning of this year, the graphics mode of the Windows 10 Calculator has gained yet another novelty in its version number 10.2005.23.0. Now, the application has a dark theme in this category of use.

By default, the graph will be white – whether the app is in dark mode or not. However, it is possible to configure to apply the new look to that part as well. For this, it is necessary to select the “Chart options” button in the corner of the area and select the option “Combine app theme”.

Not yet available to all users in the final version, the graphics mode of the tool allows functions such as inserting an equation for it to be visualized on the graph or several to compare plots and see the interactions between the lines.

The feature also allows the person to export graphics to be able to share them with other users or also incorporate them in other Microsoft tools, such as Office and Teams.

The Windows Calculator application is installed natively on the Microsoft operating system. Updates are made through the Microsoft Store, at the link located on the card below the text.

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