Windows 10 has bug that affects internet connection


It appears that the sequence of updates that solve problems and create other new bugs in Windows 10 was not limited to 2019. One of the latest updates (KB4541335) released by Microsoft causes problems installing apps on the system. Now, the company has just recognized a new bug in Windows 10, which affects the internet connection.

If you are using your PC and the connection is suddenly interrupted, check that the internet still works on your smartphone. If the internet is normal on your phone, but the Windows 10 network icon is showing “limited connection” or “no connection”, you have just been “presented” with an occurrence of the latest OS bug. According to the company, the bug only affects the last two versions of the operating system, which are the builds for May and November 2019.

The update that causes the failure is KB4535996, released on February 27th. The greater likelihood is that the failure will occur on PCs that use a manually configured or automatically configured proxy, such as VPNs. But nothing prevents the bug from affecting PCs with other network configurations.

Still related to internet access, there is another bug that prevents the correct functioning with apps that use WinHTTP or WinINet, such as Microsoft Teams, Office, Outlook, Office 365, Internet Explorer and some versions of Edge.

Is there a quick fix?
At the moment, it is not possible to relate the bug to a specific cause, except for the fact that KB4541335. The simplest and quickest solution for the internet connection to be reestablished is to restart the computer.

If the bug becomes too frequent and disrupts normal use of the machine, there is an option to uninstall the update.

Anyway, Microsoft is already working on a new fix patch, which is expected to be released soon.


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