Windows 10 appears running on machine with 192 MB of RAM


Virtual machines are useful for all kinds of purposes, including absurd and almost meaningless tests. The most recent one comes from the Tom’s Hardware website, which caught Twitter user Sakura NØri (@0xN0ri), making Windows 10 run on a virtual machine with only 192 MB of RAM.

For this, the user used the 32bit version of the system and Oracle’s VirtualBox software. The interesting thing is that the minimum RAM recommendation for Windows 10 32bit is 1 GB. Thus, NØri managed to run the system with five times less RAM than recommended by Microsoft.

According to the user, the machine used was a Dell Inspiron 3670 laptop, with Arch Linux as the main system.

Almost zero usability
NØri managed to boot Windows 10 running on 192 MB of RAM, but being able to use the system is another story.

Basically, it was only possible to open the Task Manager and the File Explorer. With this amount of RAM, even basic system services can be disabled, perhaps even forcedly, in order to make the system usable.

Of course, this usage scenario could never be considered ideal, even for extremely basic users. Any activity on this machine must be performed with unusual slowness.

To be able to boot the system under these conditions, NØri configured the paging file with 2.8 GB. Unfortunately, he did not say whether he was able to open the browser and access the internet, but we can assume not.

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