Windows 10 2004 Update Released: How to Install?


The first major Windows 10 update of 2020, version 2004, was released by Microsoft. Let’s look at how you can install this update, which users have been waiting for a long time and has important innovations.

Microsoft released the first major Windows 10 update of 2020, with a focus on performance improvements, new features and stability improvements to the operating system.

The version of Windows 10 2004, which has been in the testing phase for more than a year and accessible only to Windows Insider users, is now available to end users. You can download the update using the “Update Assistant” or “Media Creation Tool”.

How to install Windows 10 2004 update

Step # 1: Select Settings, Update and Security and click on Windows Update,
Step # 2: Click the Check for Updates button:
Step # 3: If the update appears, click Download and Install.
The update may not have arrived yet, as Microsoft has released the update gradually. After waiting for a while, you can check again.

Update with “Update Assistant”:

  • Step # 1: Get updates Assistant page,
  • Step # 2: You can download the new Windows 10 update by clicking the “Update Now” button.

Update via “Media Creation Tool”:

  • Step # 1: Microsoft Turkey get updates Assistant page,
  • Step # 2: Click the “Download Vehicle Now” button,
  • Step # 3: Confirm by clicking “Accept” contract.
  • Step # 4: Click on “Update This Computer”:
  • Step # 5: Choose language, version and architecture,
  • Step # 6: Click the “ISO File” button in the next window:
  • You can install Windows 10 Version 2004 automatically or manually on your own computer using the options offered by Microsoft, or you can create a disk image to install on another computer. You can share your experiences about the new version with us in the comments section. If you wish, you can also browse our content here to turn off automatic updating.


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