Windows 10 19608 Build Number Insider Preview Announced


Microsoft announced the Insider preview of Windows 10 build 19068 for users of ‘fast tier’ members. It is stated that the interface is better in the new installation.

Windows 10, the world’s most popular operating system, is updated frequently. The published software is tested first. The latest announced version was the Insider preview number 19068.

This version is currently only available to ‘quick tier’ members. In the statement made by the company, it is stated that only these users received the update. The reason for this is shown as the company wants to evaluate the situation as the process progresses.

What’s new in preview number 19068:
Stating that they have made improvements in the settings section over the years, Microsoft has now added the ability to search for file types, protocols and applications when making the default setting. This makes the adjustment process much faster and effortless. This feature is only open to half of users.

Your phone feature has been renewed with the new version. Thanks to this feature, file transfer between the Samsung device supporting the phone screen and the computer is provided much more smoothly. This feature is opening to users gradually.

In addition, users get a new message interface with the message module. In the new version, the phone background can also be used in the message application. In the dark mode, the background is painted in a lighter gray color, while changes are made to the text styles. It is also stated that there are updates in the application that provide better response.

Fixed issues:
With the new version, some known issues seem to be solved. According to the statement from Microsoft, these fixes are as follows:

Fixed issue where Sticky Notes could not be moved.
Fixed an issue that caused language packs to crash.
Fixed the issue where Microsoft Edge Canary was displayed with the wrong icon in Task Manager.
Bug causing Snip & Sketch app to open in the background instead of foreground has been fixed.
Fixed the issue where the arrows on the taskbar work in the Arabic version in the opposite direction.
Some improvements have been made to the loading of the Windows Update history page to improve performance.

Microsoft has also developed a new feature for Bing. Thanks to this feature, it will be possible to make virtual garden tours from the gallery in Bing. It is stated that each of the gardens selected from all over the world is special.


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